January 1, 2012

About Us

Bullion2u.net was created to serve as a source where investors could diversify their portfolios with gold and silver for less money than typically found elsewhere. We have never made any guarantees about always having the lowest price on any of our products. However, our prices are consistently competitive and many times lower than our competition. Bullion2U.net does not have any hidden fees or charges, what you see is what you get. The only additional fee is a shipping charge, which is clearly marked and defined during the order process.

We are a growing leader in the precious metals market, continually selling our products for less. Give us a try, open an account and start investing in your future today.



Price is always important in making a buying decision. We strive to provide you with the precious metals you want at discount prices. We deliver the same high quality products that full-service retail firms do, only we deliver it for less.

Quality of our products

We have a very strict buying procedure. We do not purchase off quality products and sell them. We purchase only the highest quality precious metals available. Our expert staff inspects every piece and decides if it meets our strict buying standards. If it does not, it either gets returned or melted. Therefore, you will be sure to only receive the highest quality products at very competitive prices. Give us a try today !


We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to accept your orders. When other companies are closed, we’re open taking orders.


We are always consistent in our low pricing. We strive to bring you the most popular products for less than our competition. Most days we are under our competition, some days we are even. On a rare occurrence, we are a bit over. We are always competitive. Check around and see for yourself, then come back and place your order with us.


We are efficient in processing your order promptly, packaging it securely and delivering it safely so it arrives on time as promised.


Much of our business is repeat business and referrals from our satisfied customers. We do very little advertising. Many of our clients have referred their family, friends and business associates to us. We hope,once satisfied, you will too.